Indigenous Support Services & Accommodation (ISSA) program offers several services:

Indigenous Supported Accommodation: Accommodation for Indigenous families who are at risk of homelessness. EveryMan will provide support in obtaining permanent accommodation, assistance with Centrelink, support with legal matters, referrals to culturally appropriate services, and advocacy on behalf of clients.

Outreach support: For individuals and families who may be at risk of homelessness where current living circumstances are unsustainable, or where they are about to return to the ACT community and accommodation is not yet available.

Indigenous Boarding Houses: Shared accommodation for individuals and families who require temporary accommodation in order to improve their access to various services, including but not limited to health, education, legal matters and government services.

Winsome's Place (the Hospital House):  Located within walking distance of the Canberra Hospital, this boarding house is for use by individuals and families who require temporary accommodation in order to access medical services or provide support to family members receiving medical treatment.  Winsome's Place is sometimes also used to accommodate people visiting family members incarcerated at AMC, Bimberi or Dhulwa.


Must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Families with a mix of Indigenous and non-Indigenous members qualify for assistance.


Indigenous Family Accommodation If you're self-referring, call Onelink on 1800 176 468 to give them your information and they will make a referral to EveryMan on your behalf.  Other agencies wanting to refer must send their referral form to Onelink at or fax to 02 6285 1322.

Indigenous Boarding Houses You can refer yourself, or you can be referred by e.g. an education institution or employment service.  Contact us directly to request accommodation or refer someone. Call us on 02 6230 6999, or apply using our web form - click here

Winsome's Place has its own web form for self-referrals or use by other agencies wanting to make a referral - click here


OneLink officers need to use the EveryMan referral form when making referrals - click here.  

Referral applications are reviewed by EveryMan on a weekly basis. This allows us to prioritise based on needs. 

Don't know where to start? Call us during office hours on 02 6230 6999 and we can provide you with the information you need, whether it's about our services, how to make a referral, or who's eligible.


You will need to pay rent.  You will also need to pay for utilities (gas and electricity).  Boarding House rents include a loading for utilities so boarders will not have to pay separate charges.  There are no other fees.

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