Posted 9 June 2019 1:29pm

Check the links below for safe and anonymous online spaces for individuals, families, friends and carers with mental health concerns to connect and share experiences, share stories, tips and offer support

 Carers Forum - Being a Male in a Caring Role

 Identifying as being in a caring role, particularly as a male can be a little challenging at times. As our special guest @Greg_MenCareToo for this event from Men Care too mentions "Caring and nurture are characteristics not often associated with males but every man has a different experience and unique responsibilities in life. The same can be said when it comes to the caring role."

 We are really excited to make the most of the Topic Tuesday event to explore the feelings around identity, challenges and communication when it comes to being a male in a caring role or being a carer who understands the challenges and can offer those insights to others too.

 Lived Experience Forum - How to support yourself while supporting others

 When we have lived experience of complex mental health, it's natural to want to reach out and support those who are also navigating the recovery journey. Connecting and engaging with others who understand our narrative is a powerful tool to self-healing. But sometimes it's easy to become overwhelmed and at times anxious as we try to manage our own symptoms alongside someone else's"¦.

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