Posted 23 December 2015 1:31pm

Many of our male sporting legends and other public heroes find themselves having to perform in a second arena that they weren't prepared for "“ the public eye.

If they trained for this new world like they trained to reach the level of sporting or other prowess which made them famous, we might all be saved the sad, sometimes tragic spectacles we often have to witness "“ domestic violence incidents, alcohol or drug-fuelled public scenes, racist or homophobic comments, and a vast array of other less serious social gaffes.

These are the men of the #oldschoolmoderntimes universe"¦.

Like Dave Warner "“ sometime pub pugilist and race relations foot-in-mouth gymnast.

More than a little feisty and just a wee bit too competitive, but he's an entertaining cricketer.

Most of the characters have gone out of the gentleman's game, but Dave Warner looks like he's here to stay.

Are you a fan of Warner ?

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