Posted 11 June 2016 1:24pm

Men can be victims of domestic violence too.

How do we have this conversation without pandering to the anti-feminists? EveryMan stands for any man who is a victim of violence, no matter at whose hands "“ strangers in public, family members, acquaintances or intimate partners (bearing in mind that not all of whom are women).

In the case of intimate partner violence, the contexts and impacts may be significantly different for men and women in overall statistics, but the men who are suffering need support. And resources to support them should be proportionately available, no matter what that proportion might prove to be. We won't really know until we start to look "“ that means more and better local research rather than opinion and cherry-picking from other countries, or generalising from research to avoid taking a public stand on individual cases that fall outside of the most common pattern of male violence to female partners.

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