Posted 22 March 2017 5:29pm

Men of Canberra "“ become an Irrepressible.

 Irrepressibly Vital 

What I'm out to do over the course of this year and beyond is to create a new relationship to my health and vitality. To go beyond wishing I was active and energised to being. From feeling like my life is 'ok but...' to being engaged with the opportunities that every day brings - to be more active, to stand instead of sit, to connect with people and be curious about who they are instead of being caught up in my own thoughts. And to continue this every day so that it becomes what life always looks like.

What will irrepressible vitality look like for you now, and in 10 or 15 years' time?

In case you're wondering, I'm not having a major health crisis. I want to build a foundation of health and vitality which will take me through the next 20 years and beyond. And if I can have that, I want everyone I know to have that too.

I recently created a private group to support me in a three-month commitment I've made to bringing vitality and good health to my life and the people around me. One of my friends thought I was doing it as an EveryMan initiative, which I wasn't, but once I thought about it, I decided that it's absolutely something that EveryMan should be offering to men living in Canberra and the region. So, here goes...

My first Promise for is to lose at least 5kg in 12 weeks, and there are others which I'll be posting in the Facebook group as the weeks go by.

Read about the journey, and join in with what you're up to in your own lives, tell us about the future you can see yourself drifting into, and what you're going to start committing to, to get some of that irrepressible vitality into your life.  Women are welcome too.

 Irrepressibly Vital  

Greg Aldridge

Executive Director

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