Posted 14 December 2015 1:32pm

Connect24 1300 261 610

The Christmas period always sees a spike in Domestic Violence incidents, so, from Friday 18 December to Sunday 3rd January, Canberra Men's Centre is providing a phone support service for anyone who thinks that they're at risk of using violence with a partner. This service is available not only to men at risk of using violence with women, but to members of Canberra's LGBTIQ community and to women at risk of using violence to male partners.
Call Connect24 to speak to one of our Violence Prevention workers if any of the items in this list apply to you "“ they're all well-known warning signs that you're at risk of hitting your partner:

  • getting really angry and shouting at your partner
  • humiliating or insulting your partner
  • shoving or pushing
  • throwing or breaking things
  • making threats to hurt your partner making threats to your partner that you'll hurt the children
  • wanting to hurt or scare your partner
  • telling yourself and them that it's their fault/they deserve it
  • your behaviour is scaring your partner (and children)
  • partner/children have said they're scared and asked you to stop

Call 1300 261 610 anytime between 18/12/15 and 3/01/16 if you need help. You'll get to talk to someone who can work with you to:

  • understand what's going on
  • see what can be done to keep everyone safe
  • arrange follow-up phone calls as needed
  • link you to other supports
  • connect you to our Violence Prevention services

You or your partner can also call our office on 6230 6999 to make an appointment for you (and your partner too if he/she wants to) to come in and see one of our Violence Prevention counsellors.

Greg Aldridge

Executive Director

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