Do you offer emergency accommodation?#faq-content-1477894566637

No, we don‚??t. For emergency accommodation, call First Point on 1800 176 468.

Can I access your services if I'm under 18?#faq-content-1477894574378

You can use our counselling services, and you may be able to attend one of our violence prevention/anger management programs, but only if the group leaders think you‚??ll be compatible with the older group members. All other EveryMan services require you to be 18 years or older.

Can women access your services?#faq-content-1477953622491

Women are not generally eligible for personal support from EveryMan programs. However, counselling services may be available:

a) through our Complexity Centre service for people who are dealing with complex personal or family issues.  Please direct enquiries to Elizabeth Keir (Coordinator, Integrated Practice Services) by email or on 0262306999 

b) to women where the need for support is directly related to a male adult or child. For example the woman:

  • is a carer for a man with a disability
  • is the man‚??s current or ex-partner
  • is the mother of a male child, with parenting issues relevant to the child‚??s gender
  • has concerns and responsibilities in relation to a male relative‚??s needs or circumstances.

Do you provide services for people who are not Australian citizens and permanent residents?#faq-content-1477953853516

Yes. Our services are accessible to people who are part of the Canberra community, including people who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents.  

Does EveryMan protect my privacy?#faq-content-1477953879668

Yes.  For information about our privacy policy, click on the privacy link at the bottom of this page.