EveryMan is an organisation working with men and for men

Like anyone else, men can have their ability to live a full and fulfilling life impacted by mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, by physical or intellectual disability, or by relationship breakdown and experience of significant loss, estrangement and social isolation. When they lead to feelings of helplessness, social withdrawal, emotional instability or aggressiveness and violence, such challenges can also impact partners and family, friends, workplaces and other community connections.

Men's support needs can become highly complex and require specialist support when they have:

  • used violence with partners, other family, or in the community
  • experience of domestic and family violence and/or sexual assault as children or as adults
  • Acquired Brain Injury or other neurological issues which affect emotional dysregulation
  • experience of incarceration or secure mental health facilities, and/or
  • considerable histories of service provider support failure

Whatever the background or personal history, each man we see comes with his own set of needs, interests and concerns. He knows the areas of life that matter to him and where he needs help, where he's getting into trouble, and who in his life is being distressed or hurt by his struggles and his behaviour. The partners and families we see need their own support too.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, we have specialist programs, knowledge and tools to work through the tough times with men, and with their partners and families.

 Real outcomes. Change that matters.

Because every man deserves a chance.

Our Story

From Canberra Men's Centre to EveryMan

EveryMan began in 1992 as a twice-weekly drop-in space in a small upstairs room in St John's church. Our original name was Murringu and we provided men with access to support, counselling and advice from psychologists and counsellors. These early days gave men opportunities to meet up and explore personal issues and circumstances. It provided them with a support network and useful experiences with counselling.

By 1999 we had evolved from a small voluntary program to a community association with dedicated staff and counsellors. We were renamed Canberra Men's Centre and expanded our services. This allowed us to reach men with a broader range of issues. With the greater flexibility, we developed a stronger focus on working with men who are disadvantaged.

In 2016 we became EveryMan. This new name is distinctive and makes us recognisable to the wider community. This is important, as we have stepped up as thought leaders who advocate and educate about contemporary men's issues - locally and nationally. Now we can use our experience and understanding to speak out for men's issues across Australia.

Our People

Greg Aldridge

Chief Executive Officer

Greg is a registered psychologist who has worked in the community sector since 1977, with extensive experience in program management, complex case management, counselling and family therapy and consultation to health, welfare, mental health, education and legal services. Moving to Canberra from Adelaide in February 1995., Greg joined the Management Committee (now Board of Directors) in 1998 and served as President for 3 years before being appointed in 2004 as Men's Centre Manager (now Chief Executive Officer).

Before EveryMan, Greg worked in out-of-home care and family support services for over 9 years at Canberra's Marymead Child and Family Centre. In Adelaide, he worked with individuals, couples and with families dealing with domestic and family violence, child abuse and neglect (victims and perpetrators) in programs offered through the Adelaide Central Mission, CatholicCare and the Forensic Psychiatry Unit of the Women's and Children's Hospital.

He lives in Flynn with his wife, their dog, and a garden which serves as living proof that only the fittest survive.

Alistair Jones

Counselling Services Manager

 Alistair was raised in the western Riverina, went to one teacher school and had a career in agriculture before leaving the bush to study Psychology, Sociology and post graduate Counselling Psychology.

EveryMan employed Alistair as our first Counselling Services Manager in 2008. He has worked in the Community Sector since 1990 with youth at risk in Wagga Wagga before moving to Canberra in 1996 and continuing working with youth in Community Housing. His work has also included family support with Weston Creek community services, Counselling and Mediation with Relationships Australia Canberra and Region and Team Leader at Marymead Child and Family Services' Parenting Orders Program- working with separated couples and children.

Alistair is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and qualified in Training and Assessment in the V.E.T. sector. He has also provided his support and experience to the Youth Coalition of the ACT, Community Housing Canberra Advisory Committee, ACTCOSS and currently the Family Law Pathways Steering Committee.  

Alistair is committed to social justice principles, art for art's sake and to one day getting a decent tomato crop in the A.C.T.


Simon Port

Violence Prevention Services Manager

Simon commenced with EveryMan in 2009 and for the past 5 years been Violence Prevention Services Manager.  Among other programs he oversees the Working With the Man Program and the Preventing Violence Managing Emotions Program group program.  Simon has a degree in Social Science, a Graduate Diploma in Community Counselling, a Certificate 4 in Assessment and Training and is PACFA certified as a Clinical registrant.   Prior to working with EveryMan, Simon worked for TAFE NSW as an Outreach Teacher.  Consequently, he operated very closely with Juvenile Justice and NSW Corrective Services in delivering programs to incarcerated individuals. He also worked extensively with post-release clients.

Simon is extremely passionate about intimate partners being afforded the help they need to address their aggressive behaviour.  He believes that rehabilitation is the best way to stop violence and keep partners and families safe.

Our Work

For over 26 years, we have been working with men in areas of life where they have needs, interests and concerns, to help them achieve outcomes that matter to them and to their partners and families.  

We have a particular appetite for supporting men who live with high and complex needs:

  • involved with criminal justice, child protection and other systems 
  • at risk of homelessness due to difficulties with maintaining stable accommodation
  • living with mental health conditions and disabilities 
  • using violence with partners, family or in the community
  • survivors of domestic and family violence or sexual assault
  • estranged from family and community support networks
  • long-term experience of family dysfunction, support service failures and poverty 

Our work also demands that we speak up on issues that affect men, particularly in areas where men experience indifference or exclusion, and where government policy is absent or insufficient to meet the needs of the vulnerable.  Our experience tells us that it's critical for the health and wellbeing of our communities that men receive the right support, tools and education to be effective in caring for themselves and for the people they care about.

If you're a man, or a partner or family member concerned about a man in your life, we're here for you. 

Our Board

Our Board

EveryMan Australia is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991, which makes us accountable to the ACT community. This means we are on the public record - providing a legal framework for our operations and activities, our financial affairs, our status as an association and identifying the people responsible for the governance of the organisation.

The Board of Directors

It is the role of the board to help build and put forward EveryMan Australia's vision in the ACT. They work closely with every aspect of the organisation to provide support and sound practice.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Upholding and advancing the purpose, vision and values of the Association
  • Exercising of the powers of the Association
  • Meeting the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act
  • Day-to-day management and administration of the Association and its services
  • Financial management of the Association including meeting the requirements of funding agreements


If you'd like to contact the Board, you can write to:

The President
Board of Directors
EveryMan Australia
GPO Box 1753
Canberra ACT 2601

Purpose, Vision and Principles


To bring effective and professional services to men experiencing exclusion, discrimination and marginalisation, no matter who they are or what they've done.


A world that works for men and for their partners and families













Annual Report

Each year we publish our annual report online for the public to access. Here you can gain insights into our activities over the past twelve months.


Annual Report